Flower hair accessory added to a up-do made with The Messy Bun Maker

The Messy Bun Maker used with thin hair, with added hair accessory flower.

Since I was in junior high school, I have had an obsession with hair and hair accessories.

At that time Princess Diana had just married her prince and my classmates were soon sporting the “Diana” cut, I was awestruck by the beauty and power a woman halfway around the globe could have on my 6th grade classmates.

Before Diana it was the “Farrah”, that Farrah Fawcett brought to our attention, after Diana, it was the “Rachel”, one of the most popular hairstyles ever.

I believe that is where my obsession began. I loved how your hair could make you feel about yourself, if you cut or styled your hair like a well known person, you could, just for a tiny bit, imagine yourself like that person.

Up to that point my expertise consisted of barrettes and elastics (although I was determined to learn how to french braid). I hadn’t even mastered the use of curling irons yet, funky looking curls with seams from not curling it the right direction and some nasty burns, this was before they were made with automatic shut offs.

When I was a bit older, I saw a TV show about a  woman who invented a hair accessory called the “Topsy Tail”.  Tomima Edmark was a great inspiration for my young mind! I loved the product and the results from it and her story opened my mind to possibilities and aspirations.

Who here reading this doesn’t have a bathroom drawer or basket full of jaw clips, banana clips, scrunchies or “Bump It” hair accessories?

I have them all! With everyone of them I had visions of beautiful hairstyles. I loved each one and held each one with high hopes. I soon learned not every one would work with my hair type or level of experience. 30 years later, I still have them in the recess under my bathroom cabinet.

The ease and convenience of throwing your hair into a ponytail or a messy bun, is a universal girl thing. Those hairstyles will always be a staple in my life, no matter how many hair accessories I own. I love new things and I love our Messy Bun Maker hair accessory. I wear it almost everyday. And even though it will work for most hair types, I do realize it won’t work for some, and it might end up under someone’s bathroom cabinet.

I brought The Messy Bun Maker to market because I loved how it made my hair look, and the convenience of the styles I could achieve with it. I am not a hairdresser and these days ponytails and messy buns are about as fancy as I get.

My wish is for you to feel confident and feel beautiful and to rock whichever hairstyle makes you feel your best.


♥-The Messy Bun Queen




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