I was recently contacted by a Beauty Blogger, The Glitter Mirror, about doing a product review of The Messy bun Maker.

I am thrilled to have a unbiased review!

When I started this journey of bringing The Hair Thing to market, I asked many friends and family members their opinion. I am almost certain they all gave me honest ones. Our daughter was such a good sport to allow me to test prototype after prototype on her hair. I believe we went through about 15 different styles of The Messy Bun Maker before deciding on the current model.

One thing I did learn from trying it on many many heads of hair is, It doesn’t work on everyone. And not everyone can get it to work.The Messy Bun Maker is a different kind of hair accessory. Most hair accessories go around your hair, elastics, jaw clips, barrettes, etc. But with The Messy Bun Maker your hair goes around it.

The groove of the Messy Bun Maker is how all the magic works, but can provide a bit of difficulty to get the elastic around and into the groove, when it is nothing like you have ever done before with a hair accessory. There are some days even I have to take a time or two to get it to look right. It might take a little bit of practice with both The Messy Bun Maker and The Messy Bun Maker Poof!, but soon it will be as easy as pulling your hair into a ponytail. We have severalvideo tutorials available of real women who wear and use our product. Each has their own technique of placing the elastic around the groove and achieving beautiful bun and ponytail hairstyles.

I appreciate the product review provided by The Glitter Mirror, please check out her review and her other social media accounts: Instagram,Twitter, and Tumblr, she has a beautiful outlook on the world.


♥-The Messy Bun Queen

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