Two of the most popular hairstyles are ponytails and the bun hairstyle. They are fast and can easily be appropriate for any occasion.

Dressed up or dressed down, these hairstyles have stood the test of time. My favorite, of course is the messy bun.

There are many products out there to make the perfect bun hairstyle. The “donut” bun maker, available here,  is a nylon mesh piece that goes inside your bun, I think these are best if you have long, one length hair, allowing you to wrap you hair and pin it around the bun maker.

The Revlon Twist Bun Maker, available here.

This product to, is best for one length, longer hair.

The Twist, Snap bun maker, available here. A popular advertising product on Facebook! 

Also best for longer, one length hair.

All great products, and can help you achieve the perfect bun hairstyle.

Messy Bun Maker with black elastics, bun maker, bun holder,

Our Messy Bun Maker, available here.  Is perfect for shorter hair or hair with layers.

Bun Maker, bun holder

Messy Bun Maker Poof! small blonde

Our Messy Bun Maker Poof!, and again available here. Is a product to add height to those sexy messy bun hairstyles. It works with shorter hair and layered hair. We have added a nylon mesh material to our original Messy Bun Maker, to add that height and the ability to use a pin or two to help cover the product or keep shorter hair in place.

Messy Bun Maker Poof! medium brown, bun holder, bun maker, bun hairstyles

Perfect bun maker, 47 tries for a messy bun? nope we can do it in 4!

Both of our Messy Bun Makers open up to allow a small section of hair to be placed in the middle, the groove around our products allows for a secure but beautiful bun hairstyle. Perfect for shorter hair and hair with layers. We want you to feel pretty and confident each and every day, a great hairstyle is one of the best ways!




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