Why are Messy Buns so popular?

In my view, they look like you have just completed something important.

You started out with a perfectly nice bun hairstyle. Neat and proper.

You look like you have just made a decision to “get stuff done today!”

I have put my hair up and ready to face whatever challenges this day will bring.

And during the course of the day, ( unless you are a big fan of the Aqua Net hairspray, I might have to share a link for those unbeknownst to this wonder of a styling tool)

You will have small tendrils of hair escaping from your perfect up-do hairstyle.

Your elastic or bobbie pins might have loosed up or even just ran off and escaped with the round Tupperware lid or errant sock with the cute little lamas on it.

So a little more tendrils of hair are gently and softly framing your face.

The curls in your hair from being twisted in the bun, are curling around your ears and some may have escaped completely and hanging down your back.

It doesn’t matter what you have done in the day, in my experience some of your hair is going to escape the method of the Bun holder.

Sock buns ( never tried this method, my hair has always been too short or had layers in it and it wouldn’t cover the sock)

The snap bracelet looking hair accessory you place in your hair and twist into the bun.

Placing your hair in a ponytail and pulling it partway through again to create the bun.

But back to why the Messy Bun hairstyles are appealing.

I think it means you accomplished something. So those hair had reason to escape and look a little bit messy and a whole lot of sexy.

Maybe you just ran a marathon.

Or just given birth. A beautiful reason to have loose sweaty curls hanging out.

Closed the deal.

Cleaned stalls.

Or maybe it is Wednesday and you just got the kids through their day, went to work yourself and was there for everybody and anybody that might have needed you, whether it be for a friend or family member or just a self care day for yourself.

The sexy, loose and beautiful messy bun hairstyle looks good on everyone.

Check out our Messy Bun Maker Hair Accessory, if you want a messy bun hairstyle to start your day off with.


And our YouTube channel show how to use the Messy Bun Maker and short video tutorials from sweet and beautiful friends that use the product. šŸ’—


And if you want to have a perfectly neat and stay right where you put it Bun, here is a link to the Aqua Net šŸ˜Š


-Leona King

The Messy Bun Queen

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