Step by step guide to the badass pony:

Use this easy guide along with The Hair Thing to get your own fuller, longer ponytail.

Ponytail Before the Messy Bun Maker
Full, Long Ponytail After Using The Messy Bun Maker
Pony Tail Enhancer

1. First, start with a small piece of hair

Grab a small section of hair where you want your ponytail to start.

The Messy Bun Maker Goes Inside Your Hair

2. Place The Messy Bun maker around the section of hair.

In the next photo, we’ll go over how to hide The Messy Bun Maker.

The Messy Bun Works By Going Inside Your Bun

3. Gather hair over and around to cover The Messy Bun maker

Making your ponytail around The Messy Bun Maker.

An Easy Full, Long Pony Tail

Last step! Place an elastic around The Messy Bun Maker

Placing the elastic into the groove of The Messy Bun Maker, allowing a secure fuller and longer ponytail. Adjusting the hair around and fluffing to cover the accessory, add an additional elastic to secure fine hair and thick hair into place.

Finished! You now have your own badass ponytail for any occasion.

The Perfect Full, Long Pony Tail

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