Tutorial: Step By Step Guide to a Twisted Bun

Use this easy guide along with The Hair Thing to get your fashionable twisted bun.

Twisted Bun Step One

1. First, start with a small piece of hair

Start with a small section of hair where you want to place your twisted bun.

Twist Bun Step Two

2. Place The Messy Bun Maker around the section of hair.

Secure The Messy Bun Maker into the section of hair. In the next few steps we’ll go over how to hide the maker in your hair.

3-4. Gather your hair over and around The Messy Bun maker to cover it

Hide the Messy Bun Maker by securing hair around it with an elastic band.

6-7. Wrap Remaining Hair Around, Secure With Another Elastic

Wrap the rest of your hair around the first bun, use an additional elastic to secure the new wraps in place.

 Finished! You’ve Created An Awesome Twist Bun!

Completed Twist Bun

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