The Messy Bun Maker


The Messy Bun Maker comes with 8 elastics in 4 color choices: Blonde, Red/Brown, Dark Brown, Black

The Messy Bun Maker comes with 8 elastics in 3 color choices: Blonde, Red/Brown, and Black

The Messy Bun Maker is a fantastic new way to add volume and fullness to your bun hairstyles. Thin or fine hair? No problem! You can have a beautiful Messy Bun!

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XOXO – The Messy Bun Queen



What Is The Messy Bun Maker?

Simple. It’s a Fun, Easy-To-Use, Multi-Functional Hair Accessory Made for Everyday Wear.

Messy buns don’t need to be hard! With our patented hair accessory, it’s easy to create big, sexy messy buns or even to add volume and length instantly to your ponytails. It will soon be your go-to everyday hairstyle choice. The Messy Bun Maker will take you from yoga pants, or to the office, to date night with easy, beautiful hairstyles. Our Bling Your Bun! accessory line, adds a little bit of sparkle and charm to your newly enhanced hairstyle and is a fantastic way to add and wear your favorite hairpiece.

The Messy Bun Maker Inside A Loose Bun

Easily Create Your Own Big, Messy Buns

The Messy Bun Maker was created to be easy to use for any hair. Long, short, thin, thick, and wavy! Perfect for weddings, prom, or a day at the office.

A Full Ponytail Using The Messy Bun Maker

Get fuller, longer ponytails!

The Messy Bun Maker isn’t just for messy buns. Use it to create voluminous pony tails for everyday wear, events, and much more! It’s sure to be you new favorite hair accessory.

Your New Favorite Messy Bun Maker

The Messy Bun Maker Is Key

The Messy Bun Maker does its magic by being placed inside your bun and ponytail. Add volume and length instantly without fussy extensions and hassle!

Why The Messy Bun Maker?

The Messy Bun Maker came about after I had cut my hair too short. I hated it! Soon, my hair grew enough to pull into a tight tiny ponytail, but I still wanted a soft, full, and longer ponytail. The Messy Bun Maker, with it’s patented design can create a full long ponytail, and use it to help create sexy, loose, and messy buns. I could even use it to make a professional looking bun by twisting my hair a bit tighter and securing with an elastic. It became my new favorite hair accessory! Using The Messy Bun Maker and using only YOUR OWN HAIR your pony will be 2 inches longer instantly! Your buns will be bigger and messy, while staying secure in place and quick to make.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

Black Elastics, Blonde Elastics, Bright Multi-Colored Elastics, Dark Brown Elastics, Reddish Brown Elastics


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